Monday, January 18, 2010

a BIG day

Talon's farewell was yesterday and it went so well. Talon did a great job on his talk and the chapel was PACKED with all of our family and friends. Talon is so loved. Our house was also PACKED after church as everyone came over to have some yummy breakfast foods and to wish Talon good luck!

Here are a bunch of pictures that we random order.

Talon and mom.
Talon and Grandpa Craythorne.
Grandma Patsy and her sister, Shirley.
Some of the Cheney family that was able to come! Grandma Cheney, Diane, Carmen, Joan, Tiffany, Mark, and John.
Grandma and Grandpa Adams.
Easton and Talon- both in their nice suits- look at those studs!
Brooklyn with Rielee, Mckenzie and one of Rielee's girlfriends.
Me and Jeremy Cook.
Talon and Rielee.
Hunter and Talon.
Bart Cook's cute family.
Jackson and Talon.
Brooklyn and Talon.
Kayte and Bo, and Talon.
BreAnne and I with the Cheney girls- Diane, Joan, Tiffany and Carmen.
Ryker and Talon.
Neal and Suzanne, and Brinnlee.
Ben, Garrett, Spencer and Talon.
Brinnlee, Ady and Talon.
Ady and Justin- playing Justin's ipod together. :)

It was such a BUSY day. And the day just simply flew by for all of us. We weren't able to get half as many pictures and we would have liked to. So many family and friends were at our house to show their love and support for Talon and it was so amazing to be a part of it all. We are all so excited for Talon to be a servant of the Lord bringing Heavenly Father's children to the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

a couple of TEMPLE trips...

On Thursday, January 7, 2010, Talon came up to Orem and had dinner and went to the Timpanogos temple with Justin and I. It was such a great night. The spirit was strong and we all felt so happy and it showed- even after we left His holy house. After Justin and I went on a little drive with Talon up to the MTC to show him where his is going to be dropped off at and fun little things like that. I think it made it a lot more real for Talon, which in turn made him a little nervous, but also more excited at the same time! In-N-Out was our last stop, where we all had shakes (the boys also had a hamburger!) and then Talon went on his way back to West Point, before it got too late. What a fun night to spend together!

As the day gets closer for Talon to go into the MTC our family strives harder and harder to spend more and more time with Talon...

And so...on Saturday, January 9, 2010, we all went to the Salt Lake Temple together- Talon, Justin and I, and our parents. (BreAnne and Adam wanted to be there too, but in the end they weren't able to make it. :( ) Our time at the temple was peaceful and relaxing as we were able to feel the strong spirit that is always there. And although I am sad that I didn't remember to get pictures outside of the temple with us all together, these pictures of all of us (even Hunter and Maddie!) at Chili's after getting back from the temple come pretty close to showing just what a great night we had.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Everyone is invited!

Talon's mission farewell is this Sunday-
January 17, 2010 @9 a.m.
Anyone who wants to come and doesn't know where to go call me
(ashley 801-628-2774)
for directions to the church and/or to our house to have
yummy food after and wish Talon good luck!