Tuesday, February 9, 2010

goodbye for 2 years!

On Wednesday, January 27th our whole family came to say goodbye to Talon before dropping him off at the MTC. We all met at the Cracker Barrel for breakfast and then headed off to the Provo temple to say our final goodbyes. What an amazingly emotional day it was for everyone! We were all so very happy for Talon to finally be at the MTC- to be a missionary- but we were also a little sad since 2 years can seem like a long time. But we all know that it will surely fly by a lot quicker than we will even realize!

We had to have three huge tables to fit all of our family at the Cracker Barrel and they were all completely FULL. It was such a great morning with lots of good fun, some time to say goodbye to Talon one on one, and we were able to take lots of good pictures!

The food was amazing and there was so much of it too! The service at the Cracker Barrel was also pretty amazing, we all got our food pretty quickly and we were all stuffed by the time we were done eating it!

Once we were at the temple it was time to say our final goodbyes. It was hard, but so good. And Talon was very ready to just be in the MTC! So we took lots more pictures, gave Talon lots of hugs and all wished him good luck before my parents, Hunter, Maddie, BreAnne, and Maccoy took Talon to the MTC and dropped him off. It all happened very quickly and all of the sudden it was all over and he was gone. Such a crazy feeling!

Now, Talon has almost been in the MTC for two weeks and he is doing great. He writes to us every Monday, which is his P-day and we all write him lots of letters and send him lots of packages whenever we can. Talon says he will send us some pictures of him at the MTC soon and we are looking forward to that. We are all so happy for Talon and feel so blessed to have a missionary in our family!


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  2. I commented first do I win????????? I love this day, so exciting for Talon!!! He is going to be the best missionary!!!

  3. Hi Ashley! I'm so glad that you're doing this! Your family is so cute, I'm glad that you're all doing well! I'm so happy for Talon and excited to read this blog!