Monday, March 15, 2010

MTC happenings...

"You're probably wondering what I am doing with my hand, ha ha, that means handsome in Tagalog."
"This is Elder Hinkley, he already left to my mission. This Elder is amazing! He helped me so much my first couple of weeks in the MTC."

"Pristhood power!"

"This is my desk in my room." (Do you see all the candy on top of his desk!!! We all love to send Talon packages with lots of goodies! Talon will probably gain 10lbs+ before he leaves the MTC! Ha, ha.)
"Only quiet place I can find to study- in the closet- p.s. I love my Jazz shirt."
"My bed is the bottom."

Well, as you can see Talon is having a blast at the MTC. These are pictures that Talon mailed to us a couple of weeks ago. WE LOVE GETTING PICTURES! Talon is studying hard at the MTC and getting prepared to leave for the Phillippines in just a little over 2 weeks! Talon is a little nervous to be speaking only in Tagalog once he is there (he is practicing all the time in the MTC though!), but he is so excited because he can't wait to be there teaching real people about the gospel.

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