Wednesday, March 2, 2011

FHE, a wedding, a baptism, and the BOM=

Elder Adams spreading the gospel- one busy day at a time. :)    


In Talon's words...

"and we are crossing our fingers that micheal will be able to get his marriage license today so he can be baptized this Saturday.  so we are way excited for him we are also doing a family home evening with him tonight. and they are also inviting the Mayor and his family to attend the family home Evening. so elder gowey and i are going to prepare a really cool family home evening."

(These are the pictures that Talon sent us of the FHE he is talking about above.)  

"really i don't even know where to start there is so much that has happened and so little time to write but i will try and get as much as i can in because it has been an awesome week and very busy. So lets start with the pictures. yes that is my boy micheal and he got baptized this last saturday. it was the coolest baptism every. if you know this man you would love him he has changed his whole entire life to be baptized and to follow christ. and he has been waiting a long time to be baptized. before he used to drink all the time and smoke alot. and have earrings and all kinds of stuff like that. but now he is one of the newest members of this church and next week will be receiving the priesthood. i had the opportunity to baptize him it was amazing the spirit was so so strong. the first thing he said to me after he came out of the water was that in one year from now im taking my family to the temple. thats his goal he really wants to take his family to the temple and be sealed. he testimony was so so strong that he bore after he was baptized he shared with us his desire to go to the temple and he has a really strong testimony of joseph smith. he told us how his life has started over new and how now he is on the right path and he is going to do everything to stay on the right path. it was a great experience for me i really love this guy. i have been teaching him for over 4 months now but he has actually been taught by the missionaries for three years. so that day had been waiting a long time. i hope you all like the pictures. oh and what makes it even more interesting i dont know if any of you remember but a few months ago i sent you pictures of his wedding when he got married. well come to find out his wedding wasnt valid. i guess he didnt have all the right papers before he was baptized so he really wasnt supposed to get married yet. So he had to be married again before his baptism haha it was way funny. we just did it in the bishops office and he married them. i hope you like the background of the first presidency haha i thought it was pretty cool." 

"oh i almost forgot the picture with Elder Farnsworth and i at the hotel. that has a cool story behind it. its one of the biggest hotels on this island it has like 200 rooms and we placed books of mormons there one for every room so it was way sweet now anyone who stays there will have a book of mormon to read. we are flooding the earth with book of mormons."

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