Thursday, April 21, 2011

The gospel of Jesus Christ changes lives.

(You'll have to excuse Talon's spelling... He never was a very at it, but since learning a new language I think it may have even gotten worse, but these are Talon's words, not mine, so here ya go. Oh, and I know it seems like, but just take a couple of minutes and read it- I promise it is well worth the time.)
"So i guess i will just start from the top. as you see in the pictures that i have sent you wow arent they amazing. So the couple you see in the picture that is the Gabeles family that i am always writing about. they are one amazing family. and let me tell you they could not be more happy to be a member of this church. they seriously are on cloud 9 and just so grateful. After there baptism of coarse they bore there testimony about the church. and all 3 of them just broke into tears thats how happy they were. That man you see in the picture his name is Wilson Gabales. and he told us in his testimony that for the last 30 years of his life he hasnt ever prayed or gone to church or anything of that sort at all. he told us that he didnt even really know if there was a god. Then he broke into tears saying how happy he was to meet us and to hear our message. and for him to learn for himself that he does have a heavenly father that loves him and that he can pray to him. it was the most sincere testimony i have ever heard. like just looking at this man you would think that he looks pretty mean but he is the greatest every. and everytime you see him he just greets you with the biggest smile. This is also the same man who has smoked 40 sticks a day for the last 35 years and quit in 2 weeks. he is a testimony to anyone. i know that if this man could quit smoking then anyone who has an addiction to anything can quit. it all starts with just a little desire. just have to want it." 

"Second the little 10 year old girl that you see in the picture that is Mica Ella. you dont know how bad i wish i could have taped her testimony and then have all of you hear it. ha even though you wouldnt understand it. but it was amazing. here is what she told us. she started by telling us a little back ground about her life. she told us that her older sister died and that her mother left her and they dont know where she is and she also told us that they gave away there little brother. then it was just her and her dad living out on the street. no money no anything. and in all honesty the dad not caring that much with a really big drinking problem. so she went on to tell us that they would only get to eat once a day and she told us the only thing that they would have to eat is a little bit of rice and salt. yep thats it and that is what they would eat. So she went on to tell us how grateful she is for the Tanaman family for taking her in and pretty much adopting her and giving her food. shelter and clothes. now she is just so so happy and she has a family that cares about her and loves her. and no they are not rich by any means but she gets to eat and has a little house to sleep and is just so happy for that. this entire time she was sharing this with us she was in tears and speaking in a very quite voice that was hard to hear.  but this little girl really touched my heart really made me think about what is really important in our lives and how grateful we need to be for those things because not everybody has those things. not everyone has a mother and father and family, or house and food. So i have learned so so much from this little girl and i am just so so grateful for all of the blessings that i have in my life i know that i have way to many. i really am so happy for this little girl and so grateful for the tanaman family for taking her into there house and taking care of her. they are Awesome!! and she is now just so so happy to be a member of the church."   

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