Tuesday, April 27, 2010

in Talon's words...

Hello Family.. greetings from the other side of the world haha well to start off this last week has been pretty amazing.. so on saturday we had 4 baptisms it was so so cool and guess what else i got to baptize all 4 of them i really am so lucky to be able to do that it was such an amazing experience. i was so nervous when they asked me to do but it all went so good and it was so cool. the spirit was so so strong and i am so grateful for that oppertunity. and then yesterday in church my comp confirmed them. it was a pretty amazing week. the spirit was felt very strong. and n0w we still have 2 more investigators that are close to baptism so hopefully they will be soon. we also have been doing alot of work with less active that really is a big problem here is there is lots of members but alot just get baptized and then dont come back to church we have about 400 less actives in our ward so we really have been trying to get people back to church and trying to get the ward to do more home and visiting teaching that is really what they need. it has probally been the hottest week ever here we are in like the dead of summer right now the hottest part of the year here its insanely hot. haha the heat really takes alot out of me haha and i really never thought i could sweat so much. haha but its ok. oh and mom i get to call home in 2 weeks from today on my monday morning and i dont know exactly how i am going to do it yet we might call from the church here and use a phone card or im not sure yet i will let you know for sure everything next week. mom thank you so much for your scriptures that you write they really help me so so much you really do help me alot alot thank you so so much for everything. i am so glad that you got my letter. i am glad it doesnt take too long oh ya i also sent you a cd last week of pictures so hopefully you will get that soon. i am so glad to hear from everyone at home and i love reading all the emails i miss you all very very much. i love you i will write again next week Love Elder Adams

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