Tuesday, May 4, 2010

what we've all been waiting for...

MORE pictures! (lots and lots of pictures, I did try to narrow it down though- Talon sent us TONS of pictures this past week and these are just some of the best ones...)

Here's a glimpse at the last little bit of time Talon spent at the MTC before leaving for the Philippines and then some pictures of what its been like for him there so far...(these pictures were sent to us on a CD so none of them have any writing on the back or anything to describe what the picture is of or anything like that...)

(I absolutely love this picture!)

(I think it is kinda cool to see the Tagalog on the side of the mirror. It definately doesn't look like a very easy language to me! And then the sign on the other side of the mirror is pretty funny too...ha ha.)

(Talon showing us that he can, in fact, wash his own clothes if he has to. :) )

(And well, here they are getting ready to leave for the Philippines. I bet they are all pretty excited and a little nervous? I would be at least if I was them!)

(Talon's mission President and his wife.)

(A little bike type thing that has a side cart for a rider to go in.)

(Talon's bed? We don't really know- Talon sent us quite a few pictures of beds but we don't know why or who's bed is who's.)
(Talon's kitchen.)
(The bathroom- toilet and shower- yes, those buckets are the shower!)
(Doing laundry in the Philippines isn't quite the same and doing laundry in the MTC...)

(We think this is Talon's companion taking a little nap or something?)
(The houses on the beach of the city that Talon is serving in right now- On the Panay Island in the province of Iloilo)
(So, remember, none of these pictures said what they were of...We are pretty sure this is Talon's hand, but what is that growing on it?!? Maybe we don't want to know...)

(Talon's kitchen floor is covered in cockroaches! Talk about gross!)

(Their study area. I just love the lawn chairs.)
(We think this is Talon and his companion.)

(And, we think these are most likely pictures of Talon burning some cockroaches...)

(Another one of those bike things, closer up.)


  1. Reminds me of the good/great/hot/sweaty/forever long days. He looks like he's enjoying himself. He will do just fine.

  2. Oh and by the way, the Tagalog that you can see in his photo of himself in the mirror is the first vision. It's something I recognize very well.