Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"We're on the hunt of lifetime right now...

in Balasan, which has never been hunted before!"

"me and my comp have been working our tails off trying to find those that have been prepared by the lord. and we really are having some luck. we only had one investigator in church yesterday but  we really had a awesome week teaching this week just have to help the people have faith to come to church. but i want to tell you a little about my one investigator that was at church his name is ray custodio he is 77 years old and we just found him last week and he has already come to church 2 times and he even came to a baptism that we had here in estancia on saturday. he is way dedicated and told us he wanted to be baptized and said he would do what ever he needed to do to come to church each and every week. he said even if he has to borrow money from someone to get there. he is kinda a slow learner but he learns it and is willing to try he is a really awesome guy. i think he will be baptized in the next coulple weeks."

Talon was transferred a little bit ago to a brand new area, an area where there have never been missionaries, called Balasan, and he is working hard with his new companion. Also, big news since Talon got moved to this new area- Talon is now a trainer!

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