Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmastime in the Philippines!

 Talon's awesome minivan he is now driving around! Ha, ha.

 Can you see the creature one this shovel? If ya don't look close ya miss it...

Well, as you can see Talon is doing real great. He is now assistant to the president and still is loving every single second of his mission. A lot has been happening for Talon out in the Philippines- so much so that I am even having a hard time now keeping up on all the changes and transfers for this blog! For Christmas all of the family got together and made Talon a Christmas tree and ornaments with our pictures on them for Talon to decorate and put up in his apartment. We also sent him and his companion the "12 days of Christmas," which Talon told us in his last email that he was very excited for! Christmas has always been Talon's very most favorite time of the year and we are excited to see what this Christmas is like for Talon out on his mission. Merry Christmas Talon! Only two more weeks and we'll be talking to you on the phone!

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